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    Denali Slide Shows at EarthSong Lodge

    Slide show presentations at EarthSong Lodge are special! Jon and Karin, long time Alaskans and avid backcountry adventurers, have incredible stories and slides about their many experiences. The slide show programs which are at Henry's Coffeehouse during evenings are slides with synchronized music of Jon's photography taken for the past 25 years of his experiences in the Park as a Ranger, Naturalist, and now Concessionaire. Each program has a different theme, such as the seasons of Denali, sled dog adventures, and backcountry trips inside Denali. They include some incredible journeys made by Jon and his sled dog companions. These are also wonderful slides of sunrises and sunsets, flora and fauna, wildlife, and spectacular scenery. These are interactive presentations and everyone is invited to ask questions after the programs and relax in the comfort of the lodge.

    Here are a few slides Karin and Jon have taken to give you an idea of the beauty in Denali National Park.


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    Denali Slide Shows at EarthSong Lodge

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