Lodging Near Denali National Park in Healy, AK

EarthSong Lodge & Denali Dog Sled Expeditions

EarthSong Lodge offers a variety of summer and winter adventures, ranging from lodge-based accommodations to overnight camping trips. In the summer, guests stay in their own single story honey-colored log cabin, complete with private baths, full and queen size beds, and hand-crafted furnishings. An evening slide show program by our staff Naturalist is also provided.

One of the highlights of EarthSong Lodge is a visit to the sled dog kennels, home to the friendliest working huskies in Alaska.  In the past we have had our dogs on site for guests to visit.  While we are still offering guided tours through Denali Park in the winter, we do not have any sled dogs on the property after the 2023 season.  The kennel will be open for guests to see displays and equipment used by our teams for both guiding and extended arctic expeditions.  Dog sledding has been at the heart of EarthSong since opening in 1997, and the kennel will continue to reflect our ties with the mushing world.  Hours for kennel walk-through are TBA.  We also offer winter dog sled tours!


After a very challenging 2020 and 2021 season, we are all looking forward to more normal summers at EarthSong and Denali.  In celebration of the more-positive tourism outlook, we are offering an extended stay discount for anyone booking with us.  Stay at least four nights and you will get a 10% discount.  Stay at least 6 nights and receive a 20% discount.  This is for a limited time, and open for any nights in our 2023 summer season.  To receive the discount, go through our website online reservation system (not available if you book via another online service).  Use the contact form on this site and let us know your plans, then book the reservation.  Your balance will be adjusted to reflect the 10 or 20% discount.  This discount must be requested right after you reserve.  As always, let us know if you have any questions!



EarthSong Lodge will be open for the 2024 Summer Season, beginning May 20th.   Changes to our schedule are not expected.  Henry’s Coffeehouse will be open for take-out every morning.

Our normal cancellation policy is back in effect starting 2023.  There are COVID exceptions if a large-scale interruption in tourism occurs (like mandatory quarantine, etc.), but we do not foresee that.  If you have any questions on our cancellation policy, please contact us.

Guests should also visit the Denali National Park website or our Facebook page to get updates on park access.  Denali will be operating almost normally this summer, but you should stay current on park policies prior to arrival.  We are also here to help you navigate things, as we always have offered our guests.

We can help you plan your dream Denali Vacation!

EarthSong LodgeMost first-time visitors to Alaska are at a loss as to what activities to do, which bus to take into Denali National Park, and how best to spend their time. The EarthSong Lodge staff will go out of their way to help, both prior to and upon arrival.

Backcountry winter trips in Denali National Park, where you run your own sled dog team of friendly huskies, are available from November through March. Visit our Winter Activities page and Dog Sledding pages for more information. Our winter business now has exclusive use of a series of backcountry huts, for dog sled passenger trips and cross-country ski-support trips.

Our latest additions are two cabins near the coffeehouse, one a queen-suite cabin and one a standard cabin.  Both have porches overlooking the Alaska Range.  The Red Lantern Cabin and Stampede Cabin make our cabin total at 14 for our property, with five different sizes and floorplans to choose from.


Alaska is the largest state in the United States, and while most people are aware that this state offers a lot of adventure, amazing scenery, and excitement, it can be difficult to know where to start when you are looking to plan your next vacation. When you are looking for a fun adventure to enjoy, coming to EarthSong Lodge & Denali Dog Sled Expeditions in Healy, AK is a great option. There are a variety of reasons why you should choose lodging near Denali National Park for your Alaskan vacation.

Access to Denali National Park

One of the main reasons why people continue to come to EarthSong Lodge & Denali Dog Sled Expeditions is that it can provide a great way to see and experience Denali National Park. The Denali National Park is well known for being one of the country’s most beautiful and exquisite national parks. It is home to a lot of wildlife, has some amazing scenery, and is a great place to spend your vacation. When you come to EarthSong, you will benefit from guided tours that will help ensure you see the great sights but also are safe.

Lodging Options

Another benefit of coming here is that you can receive lodging during certain times of the year. From May through September, you can enjoy a comfortable bed and breakfast experience unmatched by others in the area. This will provide you with immediate access to the national park but is also cozy and comfortable at the end of a long day. Each cabin has full-size comfortable beds with duvet covers, a private bath, electric heat, and room-darkening shades that will ensure a great night’s rest.

Dog Sledding Options

When the weather turns cold, EarthSong Lodge & Denali Dog Sled Expeditions will no longer offer the same lodging options. However, they still provide you with a lot of fun and excitement. This company has a great dog sledding service that will provide you with a fun and memorable way to quickly move through the national park. This is a unique experience you will likely not be able to find outside of Alaska.

Mount Lake

Great Reputation

If you are planning a trip to Alaska, you will want to know that you are making the right choice when it comes to accommodations. EarthSong Lodge & Denali Dog Sled Expeditions has been serving the community and tourists from all over the world since 1996.

When you are looking to take a trip to Alaska, you can find many great activities and adventures to enjoy. One place that will provide a lot of fun and excitement is EarthSong Lodge & Denali Dog Sled Expeditions in Healy, AK. If you would like to learn more about this lodging and dog sled location, you should call the team today by dialing 907-683-2863.

SEE OUR WINTER TOURS: Besides the guided dog sled tours where you drive your own team, we now have Alaska Cross-Country Ski Trips! You can ski from cabin to cabin with just a fanny pack, while a dog team hauls all your gear.

We are located on Stampede Road, 4 miles off the Parks Highway. Stampede Road parallels the Denali National Park road, and we are just above tree line which is at elevation 2,000 feet with sweeping views of the Alaska Range right out front of a wide open tundra. It’s very scenic and beautiful, away from the tourist crowds and 17 miles northwest of Denali National Park. It takes guests an average of 20-25 minutes to arrive at the park. Click for directions to our Denali Cabins.

The Lodge is open Mid May – Mid September. Please call for Details. In the Winter, our Sled Dog guests stay at a B&B close to our property.