Alaskan Lodging in Healy, AK


Old Fashioned Hospitality

Jon and Karin live at the lodge year round and can help with anything to make your stay more comfortable.

Our newest additions to EarthSong Lodge are a queen suite cabin and standard cabin near the coffeehouse. Both have porches overlooking the Alaska Range, and bring our property total up to 14 cabins.

Our cabins are cozy, charming and private with special touches to make you feel at home and enjoy the hospitality provided. All cabins are non-smoking and pets are not allowed. The cabins can accommodate 2-4 people. Five cabin sizes are available: Standard, Family, Two-Room, Two Bedroom Cabins, and our Queen Suite. To check AVAILABILITY or to make a reservation, click the link below:

Jon and Karin

Your hosts Jon and Karin

Each cabin’s amenities include:

  • private bath
  • full size comfortable beds with duvet covers
  • alarm clocks
  • large and fluffy towels
  • hair dryers
  • electric heat
  • extra pillows and blankets
  • reading material
  • room darkening shades

There is also a whimsical gazebo overlooking the Alaska Range, a picnic area, and even refrigerator space for any food you bring.

In the state of Alaska, you will have immediate access to many great amenities, including national parks, outdoor activities, and the ability to experience wildlife and natural scenery that is unmatched by other places in the world. When you visit Healy, Alaska, choosing the right lodging option is important. EarthSong Lodge & Denali Dog Sled Expeditions continues to be a great option for lodging during the summer months.  

Seasonal Lodging

EarthSong Lodge & Denali Dog Sled Expeditions is a great business and lodging option when you come during the summer months. The onsite cabins are designed to be warm and comfortable during the warmer months of the year. Since 1996, they have been open from May to September and offer some great summer tourism packages you can enjoy. During the colder months, the company still offers full dog sledding services so you can enjoy the great national parks.


Top Location

When you are coming to Alaska, staying close to the national parks and your desired destination is important. The EarthSong Lodge & Denali Dog Sled Expeditions business is located in Healy, AK, near the Denali National Park. Each morning when you wake up, you will be right in the center of the action and can quickly get to whatever activity you want to enjoy that date.

Comfortable Accommodations

While you will want to have a great location when coming to Alaska, you also want to have comfortable accommodations. The EarthSong Lodge offers comfortable cabins that are fully equipped and heated. Each cabin will have a private bath, full-size comfortable beds with duvet covers, electric heat, darkening blinds, and any other amenities you will need to stay comfortable during your trip to Alaska. This can make it a great place to unwind and relax at the end of a long day.

If you are coming to Alaska, the EarthSong Lodge continues to be a great option for your housing and lodging needs. About 99% of the people staying here also visit the local national parks, so you know that it is a great place to stay when looking for adventure. You can contact the lodge today by dialing (907) 683-2863 and to even book your next vacation here.