Summer Activities in Healy, AK

EarthSong Lodge offers incredible opportunities to experience Denali National Park and the surrounding areas.

From your cabin door, you can view the Alaska Range since we are located above tree line and wide open tundra.

Just 4 miles down Stampede Road from the lodge is a beautiful lake and a perfect view of Denali and the surrounding Alaska Range.



Lodge Activities

Henry’s Coffeehouse now features a lovely living room area with books, games, and even free Wi-Fi. The book collection is for your enjoyment. We also have a small gift shop located next to Henry’s Coffeehouse, called Diva’s of Denali, filled with handmade gifts exclusively designed by Karin, registered with Made in Alaska program. Our office at Earthsong Lodge



The Cabins

Sled Dog Presentations

Jon is a licensed concessionaire for Denali National Park, exclusively operating overnight dog sled trips in the heart of the Denali Wilderness. EarthSong Lodge has an active sled dog kennel- including puppies. We have daily presentations that explain this incredible sport and its rich history. In these presentations we give you a hands-on education of this unique Alaskan sport.

Kennel Tour

Nature in the Surrounding Area

Since EarthSong Lodge is surrounded by Denali National Park, there are always guests of nature around, such as migratory birds, caribou, moose, grizzly bears, red fox, and a gaggle of other critters. So, be sure to bring your field glasses and camera. This is a great place for photographers to spend time taking that perfect picture. And since we are located above tree line, on perma-frost, this is a great place for berry picking in the late summer and fall. You will find cloudberries, blueberries, and cranberries all over the tundra surrounding EarthSong Lodge.

Alaskan Beauty